Martin Rd Project

Roundabout in Cornelius Oregon on Hwy 47 featuring Mainline Concrete paving, truck aprons, ADA ramps, sidewalks, walk-through islands, cycle tracks, and a cobblestone inlay at the plater strip that we did for Kerr Contractors.

RLC Group Construction Team

TPO THW Toliver Rd roundabout

New Roundabout in Molalla Oregon on Hwy 213 featuring multiple phases of curbs, sidewalks, ADA ramps, colored concrete Paving Cobble stone centerpiece, and splitter islands that we did for Kerr Contractors,

QTS Project

Future Data center in Hillsboro Oregon with multiple buildings and civil work featuring Concrete roadway paving, curb loading docks, cycle tracks, sidewalks concrete stairs, and walls that we did with Weitman Excavation.

Project Basie

Future distribution center and surrounding infrastructure featuring loading docks, dolly pads, curbs, sidewalks, colored concrete paving, and splitter island with walkthrough ADA ramps in Woodburn Oregon that we did for K&E.

Project Basie

Southwest Oregon Regional Airport

Featuring slip form PCC paving taxiways and aprons.

I-84 Multnomah Falls to Toothrock Tunnel

Summer of 2022/Spring of 2023 RLC Saw and Seal Division did extensive work on this project to rehabilitate this section of I-84

  • Polymer Membrane work
  • Rolled Membrane work+
  • Asphaltic plug Joints
  • Elastomeric Joints
  • High Early Strength Concrete in the Toothrock Tunnel
  • Micromilling the Tunnel to ¾” depth (Brix Paving)
  • Full PPC overlay in the Tunnel

US197 The Dalles Bridge

Summer of 2023 RLC Saw and Seal installed PPC Concrete on the US197 Bridge

  • PPC Paving the entire US197 Dalles Bridge structure
  • Elastomeric Nosing and Bridge Joint work
  • Corrective Grade control

Or22 Marion St Bridge

Summer of 2022 RLC Saw and Seal installed PPC Overlay on the Marion St bridge in Salem, OR

  • Bridge Joint Demo
  • Bridge Deck Repairs and Corrections
  • New PPC overlay on the entire Bridge
  • Installed Elastomeric Headers
  • Installed Emseal Joints on the entire structure.

I-84 Perry Interchange to Lagrande

Summer of 2022/2023 Installed New PPC bridge decks on 2 structures on this project:

  • New PPC Overlays
  • New Elastomeric headers with Steel removal
  • New Bridge Emseal Joints
I-84 Perry Interchange

I-5/I-205 to Boone Bridge Project

Summer of 2022/2023 RLC Saw and seal did a lot of work to Rehab the Bridge Decks on this project.

  • Polymer Membrane work
  • Asphaltic plug Joints
  • Class 2 Bridge Deck repairs
  • Elastomeric Joints
  • Micromilling the Tunnel to ¾” to recontour the Boone Bridge deck.
  • Installed New PPC Overlays on 6 Bridges on this project Biggest being the Boone Bridge

US30 Snake River Bridge Project

RLC Saw and Seal Installed a New PPC bridge deck on the Snake River Bridge this project came with its challenges but with hard work we got it done.