Concrete Flatwork and Paving Services

Our services encompass a wide range of concrete flatwork and paving solutions. We specialize in slipform paving, creating precise and durable surfaces for various applications. Our expertise extends to curb and gutter installations, ensuring effective water drainage and infrastructure stability. Additionally, we excel in constructing sidewalks and driveways, providing safe and accessible pathways.

Our capabilities extend to the installation of catch basins and storm drain inlets, contributing to efficient water management. With a focus on commercial projects, we offer top-notch concrete services, including saw and seal techniques for optimal results. As prime contractors, we manage projects comprehensively, ensuring seamless execution and client satisfaction.

We offer our concrete flatwork and paving service in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. Contact us today to get started! 503-533-5709

curb installation services

Why choose RLC for your next concrete or paving Job?

Select our team for your concrete flatwork and paving needs due to our extensive array of services customized to fulfill a variety of demands.

• Comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse requirements

• Specialization in slipform paving, ensuring precise and durable surfaces

• Expertise in curb and gutter installations for effective water drainage and infrastructure stability

• Construction of sidewalks and driveways, providing safe and accessible pathways

• Focus on commercial projects, delivering top-notch concrete services

• Installation of catch basins and storm drain inlets for efficient water management

• Utilization of advanced techniques like saw and seal for optimal results

• Prime contractors ensuring seamless project execution and unwavering client satisfaction

• Trusted experts in transforming surfaces with expertise and efficiency

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