Quality & Customer Service

To be the “Concrete Contractor of Choice” as a result of meeting/exceeding customer expectations in quality and timelessness of work performed.

Image & Stewardship

To Maintain a professional corporate image and strive to be good stewards of all work environments.


To relay accurate information from team member to team member resulting in safe work, successful job competition, and achieving the goals of RLC.


To demonstrate good conduct/integrity in all RLC business activity. Conduct that is recognized by everyone as a fundamental building block or RLC

Profit & Growth

To maintain a profit while continuing to grow, building a successful future for all associated with RLC.


To make positive contributions to communities through RLC involvement in business/social groups and donating to charitable organizations.

Team Members

RLC’s Commitment to developing high-performing team members is critical to the success of each individual and our business.


To promote “safety first” on every job. All team members will communicate the importance of safety through their individual safe work habits.

Education & Training

To continually improve RLC team members through ongoing learning opportunities.


To identify and develop leadership in each team member in a way that contributes to the achievement of excellent ar RLC.

Hiring Mindset


Our job postings are easily found on Indeed, and if you go directly to our careers page. From the minute you submit an application to the time you arrive for an interview; the recruiting process is quick and easy. Dealing directly with our HR department to get you working as soon as possible. Our hiring procedure is simple.


All employees at Brix are highly valued, from the field to the office. Our positive work environment fosters efficiency, great morale, and aims towards reducing turnover. Once hired, we care that you find purpose in your position here and continue to help each other succeed in daily work routines.


We value professional advancement for our employees, which is why we provide outstanding performance-based incentives and support promotion within. At Brix, we use cutting-edge technology and innovation to complete every task with the highest level of quality. Pensions, insurance, profit sharing, and other benefits provide additional employee incentives.



We value our team members, which is why we offer a comprehensive and competitive benefits package.

Medical / Dental:

Health is wealth, and this is why our insurance premiums are paid for employees and all dependents, HRA. We encourage our employees to put their wellness first.


An Employee Assistance Program is available to our employees, which includes but is not limited to resources to help with mental health, child/elder care, teen/adolescent issues and, parenting/grandparenting.

Paid Time Off:

Maintaining a healthy life balance is important, this is why we support employees with paid time off and doing our best to accommodate our team’s personal needs.


Retirement savings and ESOP retirement plans are some of the ways we try to ensure our employees can set themselves up for success now and in the future.

Life Insurance:

It is important for your family to be protected if the worst happens. We offer life insurance polices at no cost.

Training / Education:

Consistently growing is a priority here, which is why we learn the latest in project management, trade skills, health and safety, CDL task training, along with assisting in obtaining CDL.

Perks / Bonuses:

Performance-based bonuses and holding employee recognition-based gatherings are a few of the ways we try to show our team appreciation for their dedication day in and day out.

Voluntary Benefits:

Another benefit available is vision & dental insurance for those of our team members that opt in.

Are you Interested in a career at RLC Group?

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